About Us

CIC Training was developed give us a way to help more people get the training they need on Canadian, US and EU product safety regulations, and technical training on topics related to machinery safety like Risk Assessment, the Hierarchy of Controls, and Functional Safety.

CIC Training is owned an operated by Compliance inSight Consulting Inc., a Canadian company based in Kitchener, Ontario. For more about us, follow our CIC Corporate link at the top of this page.

CIC is also responsible for the Machinery Safety 101 blog. If you are looking for news and topical articles related to Canada, the US and the EU product safety regulations and our technical focus, check out the blog for tons of free information.

We hope you love our training courses, but if you don't for any reason, please let us know.

Doug Nix, C.E.T., SM-IEEE
Managing Director
Principal Consultant
Kimberly Nix, OCT, B.Ed., B.Psych(Hons)
Managing Director
Chief Educator