In this course...

  • EU Structure

    The EU is a unique political and economic union in the world. You will learn a bit about the EU's political structure and operation.

  • CE Marking System

    The CE Marking system is based on trust. Manufacturers declare conformity on their own authority in most cases. Learn how this system works and how to use it.

  • Conformity Assessment

    Conformity assessment is the method used by manufacturers to determine and document conformity with the technical and legal requirements. Learn about how this approach works.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Copy of How to use this course

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    • A few questions before you start...

  • 2

    Introduction to the the European Union

    • Module 1 Student Course Manual

    • The EU "Blue Guide"

    • EU History Quiz

    • How the European Union Works - Your Guide to the Institutions

    • Marketing Materials

    • European Market

    • Legal Structure

    • Product Liability

    • General Product Safety Directive

    • Enforcement

    • Summing Up

    • Module 1 Student Handouts

  • 3

    Conformity Assessment

    • Module 2 Student Course Manual

    • What is Conformity Assessment and Who is involved?

    • Paths

    • Certification

    • Testing

    • Certification

    • Certification vs. Marking

    • Accreditation

    • Surveillance

    • Directives

    • Conformity Assessment Directive

    • Standards

    • Summing Up

  • 4

    Machinery Directive

    • Module 3 - The Machinery Directive Student Course Manual

    • Guide to the Machinery Directive

    • Scope and Definitions

    • Risk Assessment

    • Conformity Assessment

    • Summing Up

    • Module 3 Student Handouts

  • 5

    Low Voltage Directive

    • Module 4 - The Low Voltage Directive Student Course Manual

    • Low Voltage Directive Guide

    • Scope and Definitions

    • Testing

    • Safety-Related Control Systems

    • Declaration of Conformity

    • Interaction with other Directives

    • Summing up

    • Module 4 Student Handouts

  • 6

    EMC Directive

    • Module 5 - EMC Directive Student Course Manual

    • EMC Directive Guide

    • Scope and Definitions

    • Testing

    • Conformity Assessment

    • Interaction with other directives

    • Summing up

    • Module 5 Student Handouts

  • 7

    Technical Files

    • Technical File Student Course Manual

    • Technical Files

    • Technical File Content Checklist


Doug Nix, C.E.T., SM-IEEE '14

Machinery Safety Specialist

Doug is the main instructor for machinery safety and regulatory compliance topics. Specializing in industrial machinery, Doug has more than 35 years of experience in risk assessment, control systems design, functional safety and standards development. Sharing what he has learned over his career has become a passion while providing training to technicians, technologists and engineers. Besides providing consulting services to clients, Doug also writes for the Machinery Safety 101 blog, Doug co-owns Compliance inSight Consulting, and the Machinery Safety 101 blog with his partner and best friend, Kimberly Nix.

What our students say...

“After taking Compliance inSight Consulting's two-day Risk Assessment Workshop, I and the rest of the 'ME' team are confident not only with our knowledge of risk assessment but also with performing a risk assessment using various different tools. The instructor presented the material in a simple, easy-to-understand manner - he was very well-spoken, friendly, and extremely knowledgable. Thank you Compliance inSight!”

Kyle Mullins - GE Energy - Large Motors

“The course covered all we needed to know to be able to offer professional Risk Assessment services confidently to our customers. Each class was designed to build upon the last in such a way that we easily retained the information and were never confused or bored. The online format was also very helpful to us because we are located several thousand miles from Compliance inSight and were able to avoid costly travel expenses. I would definitely recommend Compliance inSight's training program and the Risk Assessment 101 course to anyone that is responsible for performing or managing people that perform risk assessments. ”

Jason Woody - Bulwark Safety Systems