Risk Assessment 101

Risk Assessment 101

Understanding the Basics of Machinery Risk Assessment

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Understanding Risk Assessment

Your boss wants you to get a risk assessment done, but you've never done one before. Where do you start?

Right here. 

In this 12-week course, you'll learn the basics of the risk assessment process. Understand how to identify hazards and assess the danger. Score the risks using modern risk assessment tools and then define the control measures.  Understand what the outcomes of the process should be and what to do next.

We teach a widely accepted method based on ISO 12100 and used in Australia, Canada, the European Union, and the USA.

Course topics include

  • What is risk?
  • Hazard identification and analysis
  • Probability of injury
  • Risk Scoring Tools
  • Risk Assessment Teams
  • Workflow
  • Documentation
Students get
  • direct email access to the instructor 
  • 30-minute private coaching sessions 
  • a fully functional risk assessment worksheet (.xlt)
  • access to a private Facebook discussion group for the course
  • web resources and a suggested reading list


Your satisfaction or your money back. Seriously.

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Course Enrollment reopens Feb-2018

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What's included?

13 Videos
4 Quizzes
1 Survey
63 Texts
33 PDFs
Doug Nix
Doug Nix
Machinery Safety Specialist

About the instructor

Doug is the main instructor for machinery safety and regulatory compliance topics.

Specializing in industrial machinery, Doug has more than 30 years experience in risk assessment, control systems design, functional safety and standards development. Sharing what he has learned over his career has become a passion while providing training to technicians, technologists and engineers over the last 30 years.

Besides providing consulting services to clients, Doug also writes for the Machinery Safety 101 blog, http://machinerysafety101.com.

Doug co-owns Compliance inSight Consulting, and the Machinery Safety 101 blog with his partner and best friend, Kimberly Nix.