Functional Safety 101 - Applying ISO 13849-1

Functional Safety 101

How to Apply ISO 13849-1 to Control Systems Design

Getting a handle on reliability

Functional safety has become a buzzword for many, but if you need to actually apply functional safety design techniques where do you start? Reading the standards doesn't tell you everything you need to know.

Certification classes are short, usually 4-5 days followed immediately by an exam, which doesn't give people time to fully integrate the ideas being taught, nor do the instructors have enough time to really dig down into challenging topics. If you are considering one of the functional safety certifications, ensure success by taking this course first.

Learn to apply ISO 13849 to the design of safety systems for machinery. This step-by-step course builds on your understanding of risk assessment and machine guarding based on the Hierarchy of Controls.


  • Linking risk to reliability
  • Developing the Safety Requirements Specification
  • Using Fig. 5
  • System Architectures
  • Mean Time to Dangerous Failure (MTTFD)
  • Diagnostic Coverage (DC)
  • Common Cause Failures
  • Understanding "well-tried components"
  • Understanding "well-tried safety principles"
  • Component reliability data
  • Validation planning
  • Linkages to IEC 62061 and IEC 61508
  • Workflow
  • Documentation


As a charter student, you'll get
  • the opportunity to customize the course content to your needs as the course progresses
  • live instruction each week
  • weekly "office hours" with the instructor where you can ask any questions you have
  • direct email access to the instructor
  • FREE private coaching sessions
  • access to a private Facebook discussion group for the course
  • handouts with supporting information for each module
  • web resources and a suggested reading list


Risk Assessment 101 or equivalent knowledge/training/experience in risk assessment. If you're not sure, please contact


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Doug Nix
Doug Nix
Machinery Safety Specialist

About the instructor

Doug is the main instructor for machinery safety and regulatory compliance topics.

Specializing in industrial machinery, Doug has more than 30 years experience in risk assessment, control systems design, functional safety and standards development. Sharing what he has learned over his career has become a passion while providing training to technicians, technologists and engineers over the last 30 years.

Besides providing consulting services to clients, Doug also writes for the Machinery Safety 101 blog,

Doug co-owns Compliance inSight Consulting, and the Machinery Safety 101 blog with his partner and best friend, Kimberly Nix.