Safe Machines, Safer Workplaces

Custom machinery design is more than just building a machine that makes widgets. It's about building machines that your customers can use every day, safely, and productively. Machines that reduce OHS costs by keeping workers from harm every day. Let us help you build the skills you need to get the job done right, the first time.

What our students have to say....

“I really enjoyed and was impressed with how you blend in legal, historical and product knowledge into what too many see as just a “label”.”

Joe Fagan - RA100 Student

“Doug Nix is a knowledgeable expert in and prolific promoter of machine safety, and also an excellent educator. The multiple-approach training method, with weekly live lectures, relevant online study material, live discussion sessions, one-on-one consultation, made for an easy-to-follow course on a sometimes difficult and tricky subject. I highly recommend RA101 to both equipment manufacturers and users to help you make your products and workplaces safer. ”

Daniel Gunderud - RA101 student

“The course was expertly delivered and laid out in a very intuitive manner that follows a logical progression which strengthens the learning experience. It’s clear to see Doug is an expert in the field of Risk Assessments and understands the importance of the fundamentals, and he is eager to share his depth of expertise and capable of explaining things in a way that is easy to digest. I thoroughly enjoyed the course material, which almost seemed tailor-made for me and my role at my company. The availability of office hours and 1-on-1 training further reinforced any questions related to specific applications, which was invaluable.”

Jono Horne - RA101 student